Sunday, May 22, 2016

Alexander Crown Trilogy


Warning: Profanity and explicit sex scenes.

Dubrovnik, book 1

Hot men.
Spicy women.
Family feud.
Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Alexander Crown's passion drives this dangerous triangle of love, despicable murder and search for peace in one country seeking democratic freedom.

Lusty women.
Passionate men.
Alexander Crown’s instincts.
Sexy, powerful, and  attractive hotshot women tempt his heart.
Relentless when fighting for a cause.

Crown's heist at the Cannes Film Festival exposed a Renaissance discovery so profound French Secret Service wants him killed. Iktar Stanktar intends to kill him. Isabella Berghini wants redemption. Afra Wodehouse craves his love.

The philanthropist only cares about the children in his orphanage.

Protecting his life-altering medical discovery, Alexander Crown collides with forces. There is only one way out.

This unusual medical discovery inspires conspiracy and murder. Intelligent and talented women, tainted and devious men, this is the new life of Alexander Crown, mercenary turned philanthropist.
A brilliant thriller of deception, greed and murder, Regeneration is the new urban masterpiece of suspense and the new voice in the world of medical discovery and intellectual thrillers.

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