Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TRAVELS with TOM - Hike Athens Acropolis

Trek around the Acropolis in Athens.

TRAVELS with TOM, publishing summer 2018. Don't miss it. Join Tom and Ben as they drive a Volkswagen Beetle around Europe the summer of 1976:
Swim naked in the Adriatic, as well as in the Black and Mediterranean Seas.
Receive an offer to kill two Germans in Dubrovnik.
Nursemaid a mugged American boy back to health.
Passports confiscated by Serbian military.
Driving the Beetle in hurricane storms.
Picking up gorgeous Dutch girls hitchhiking toward Istanbul, Turkey.
Experience an opium den in Istanbul.
Fender-bender in Athens.
Play fookie-fookie with sheep in France.

All that and more, happened  during their European tour in 1976 after landing in Luxembourg, after living on a racing yacht in communistic Dubrovnik for six weeks, and before touring Europe in a beat up red Volkswagen Beetle without a starter.

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