Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christian Love Trilogy

Christian Love Trilogy link.

Warning: Profanity and explicit sex scenes are portrayed.

Love depends on your relation to it.
Love can feel necessary.
Love can lead to obsession.

Love drives all great stories.

Love has obstacles.
Love becomes everything.

Christian Love is love. Review and purchase on the link below.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

402 Avalon Awakens

402 Avalon link.

A haunted house.
Family arguments.
Ghost voices.
American culture.

Ten year old Benny Campbell's memoir during the 1950s, reveals why social and cultural changes were imminent in the giant farmhouse built in1880, haunted with prostitutes and murderers.

Review and purchase 402 Avalon on the link below.

Prettyboy Fabulous Fifties Hollywood

Prettyboy - link

Marilyn Monroe.
Marlon Brando.
James Dean.
Method Acting.
All four in one place at the same time.

Romantic comedy with spice.

New York City to Hollywood, Prettyboy enables rising celebrities, spinning stories of love and survival.

Vivid historical fiction.

The gates in glitzy Hollywood have opened and Prettyboy is in the middle.

Prettyboy - link

Reggie Rocketship

Reggie Rocketship

Reggie finds a handwritten unpublished Dr. Seuss story in the attic.

Thieves hack his laptop, threaten his parents, and kidnap Reggie.

The ten year young boy becomes a Cat in the Hat investigator.

Read on any device.
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Warning; sexuality and profanity are portrayed in KISSINg FREUd.

Locked doors.
Scary people.
Haunting, yet hilarious and super-smart.


Travels with Tom

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Publication Late Summer 2017

Eat snake eyes and monkey brains, swim naked in the Adriatic, Black and Mediterranean Seas. Pick up gorgeous Dutch girls hitchhiking in Turkey. Receive an offer to kill in Dubrovnik. Have passports confiscated by Serbian military. Driving in hurricane storms, and a fender-bender in Athens. All that and more happened  during our European tour in 1976 after landing in Luxembourg, after living on a racing yacht in communistic Dubrovnik for six weeks, and before touring Europe in a red Volkswagen Beetle.

Passports confiscated, drunken fights, Dutch girls, offers to kill, even sexual temptations, Travels with Tom has it all.

Coming soon: Travels with Tom publishing summer 2017.

Travels with Tom

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

When Giants Dance

Money, drugs, greed, athletes, guns, personalities, anything can happen.

Pursuing dreams, fighting managers, belligerent hoodlums, its all lifestyles.

Brent Lord lost the heavyweight title in the South West Bodybuilding Contest.

Melinda McKay was fired from the LA Ballet Company.

After a Las Vegas dance extravaganza McKay and Lord get involved in murder. That is wehn money and revenge collide.

He was stabbed during competition and came within an inch of dying. She was accosted by madmen killers. In the heat of trouble they blindly undressed each other and gave in to their desires. That is when the real trouble begins.