Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Multiverse - Travels with Tom

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Laugh and cry during our European tour after landing in Luxembourg, living in Dubrovnik for six weeks, and then driving all over Europe in a red Volkswagen.

Passports confiscated, drinking, fighting, picking up girls, offers to kill, and even sexual temptations.

Coming soon: Travels with Tom publishing summer 2017.

Travels with Tom

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Super - Travels with Tom

Travels with Tom
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Travels with Tom
By Ben Campbell
Copyright © 2017 Ben Campbell

Publication late summer 2017
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Travels with Tom pick up spicy hitch-hikers, start village fights, camp in cow pastures, drink with strangers, smok whatever, drive in skivvies, get defrauded by cops, passports confiscated, offers to kill, and so much more.

Unlike On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Travels with Tom takes place in Europe. Like On the Road, Travels with Tom is simple yet complex, a story of two friends whose Cross-European road trip evolves into a wanderlust of the human soul. Publishing summer of 2017.

A traveler without eyes is only a traveler, but with eyes a traveler becomes enriched. Traveling is a window and a mirror to everything you see in front, beside and behind you. This was one lesson learned while traveling to and around Europe. More lessons jumped out of unexpected situations by way of people, places and music, all filled with humanity.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dubrovnik - Legendary

Alexander Crown, link.

Her lips hot and moist on mine.
I laughed.
The barrel of her handgun imprinted on my neck.
I snickered.
She jammed the barrel deep in my skin. I didn't want a hole in my neck. I snatched the gun from her hand.
"Mudderfucker," she said.
"You know how to pucker don't you?" I asked.
She puckered.
I grumbled.
"Kiss me again or become inexorably dead," she snickered.

Inexorably dead to me meant that my death was impossible to stop, or prevent, and she is the one with a friend behind me holding a gun.

I puckered, pushed my lips toward her but didn't feel the spongy, warm wetness I had expected when our lips touched. Our lips didn't actually touch. When I opened my eyes I was kissing the cold, hard barrel of a new, small handgun.

I expected to feel empty and heartbroken, but instead I felt inextricably alive. Well, not dead but almost dead since the handgun was now pointed down my throat.

"Just kidding," she screamed with laughter. "Now give me the diamond and emerald necklace Michelangelo made or a bullet will spin down your throat and exit from your asshole."

I slowly pulled the necklace from my inner jacket pocket, moving slowly and showing the blue-eyed, blonde-haired lovely woman that I respected her demand and wasn't a threat to her well-being, I snapped her wrist with the felt bag holding the necklace and her handgun flew from her hand. It landed on the cement ten feet to the side. Since the park in London was empty I thought about Brexit, and then I grabber her by the arm and dragged her to the gun. I let her go and pointed at the gun on the ground. She cringed and rubber her wrist.

"Pick it up," I said.

She stepped away from me, cocked her head like a puppy trying to understand human language. She knelt down. Just when her hand grabbed at the gun I kicked it away. She jumped after it and fell on her side. I stepped over her and picked up the gun, examined it and then threw it in the river. I picked up the pretty Parisian, shoved her against the wall, wrapped one leg around it and planted the biggest kiss on her lips, one that nibbled and bit her to where it almost drew blood.

When I pulled away she said, "Fuck you, do that again and I'll have you killed within twelve hours."

"Promises-promises," I said, and kissed her again. She wrapped her hands around my shoulders and pulled me into her. I resisted then relented. "Do that again and I'll see the day after you try to have me killed. She pulled me in and kissed me this time.

Ah, Paris, there's no where else in the world where romance can threaten you with death and excite you with life simultaneously.

Alexander Crown, link.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy New Year

We talked. How she was an English and biology major at Cambridge. She talked about her love of writing and reading. Her wry, gentle smile with lots of mischief played tricks with my mind.

It was much more than falling in love with the intricacies of her body, much more than the satisfaction of listening to her sweet voice, it was love and empathy for her future that worried me. I was about to kill her and she knew it. It was either kill or be killed and she was about to kill me. The small handgun in her right hand needed to be fired at close range at my face to kill me.

I wonder if she found this funny; she telling me about her most cherished desires, me listening and paying attention to her body-language, thinking about how I was going to wrestle the gun from her hand, drag her down the street to my hotel, throw her into my room and fuck her brains out. Year I wrote that; fuck her brains out. Of course fucking would have to be consensual between me.

But, the thought of screwing her left a bad taste in my mouth, something like a zinc bar. But, what a set of delicious lips, shoulders, hips and legs. The necklace she wanted from me was designed and constructed my Michelangelo over five hundred years ago, and for what do you think he designed it for? An Italian woman just like the one sitting across from me at this sidewalk in Rome. Michelangelo's babe must have had shapely lips, shoulders, hips and legs just like this beauty.

Sitting off to the side, listening to the sounds of Rome and her voice mingling, I went to an empty place in my brain, admiring the light, the silence and where I always find renewal; my skills as an x-mercenary turned philanthropist. I looked her handgun pointed at my face. It didn't bother me. I stood up, pushed back my wooden chair, looked around the sidewalk cafĂ© at the twenty or so other patrons, smiled at the pretty woman, a perpetrator, threw threw10 Euros on the small table to pay for two coffees, turned my back and walked away, knowing she wouldn't shoot me in the back.

What a great, sunny day in Rome, Italy. Walking away from killing someone or being killed, is the best day in my life.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ballet & Bodybuilding

Money, drugs, greed, athletes, guns and complicated personalities converge, anything can happen. Two artists pursue their dreams, fighting deceptive managers and belligerent hoodlums become a lifestyle.

Brent Lord lost the heavyweight title in the South West Bodybuilding Contest. Melinda McKay was fired from the LA Ballet Company. After a Las Vegas dance extravaganza they are embroiled in attempted murder that begins where money and revenge collide.

He was stabbed during competition and came within an inch of dying. She was accosted by madmen killers. In the heat of trouble they blindly undressed each other and gave in to their desires. That is when the real trouble begins.

Three in One 3/1

An Alexander Crown novel, book 1


Dubrovnik, book 1
Hot men, spicy women and a family feud in war town Croatia. Love can make you crazy, family can make you delirious, and revenge can destroy everything you cherish.

Loyalty, duty, honor and love are the passions and poisons in this erotic pursuit for freedom and love, in a country culturally and politically repressed for decades.

Alexander Crown is the disruptive force inside of this thrilling environment, where soulful passion drives this dangerous triangle of love, despicable murder and search for peace in one country seeking democratic freedom.

"Vitruvian Man", book 2

Lusty women, passionate men, Alexander Crown’s instincts were his lifeline. Sexy, powerful, and far too attractive hotshot women tempt his heart. Passionate about those he loves, relentless when fighting for a cause, there is no case too difficult and no danger too brutal to accomplish his goals.

Crazy love for the children in his orphanage, crazy love for beautiful women, wealth and adventure, Alexander Crown thief, mercenary and philanthropist didn’t expect to be corralled by any one of his passions, until stunning Isabella Borghini braved his hunger and Afra Wodehouse endured his hotness.

Thievery is his arsenal, jewelry his targets. His heist at the Cannes Film Festival exposed a Renaissance discovery so profound the French Secret Service wants Alexander Crown dead. Iktar Stanktar intends to kill him. Isabella Berghini seeks redemption. Afra Wodehouse craves his love. The philanthropist only cares about the children in his orphanage.

Regeneration, book 3

Ensnared with protecting his life-altering medical discovery, Alexander Crown finds himself colliding with forces of power and history, and unfortunately there is only one way out.

This unusual medical discovery inspires conspiracy and murder. Intelligent and talented women, tainted and devious men, this is the new life of Alexander Crown, mercenary turned philanthropist.
A brilliant thriller of deception, greed and murder, Regeneration is the new urban masterpiece of suspense and the new voice in the world of medical discovery and intellectual thrillers.