Sunday, May 22, 2016

Giants iRobot

When money, drugs, greed, athletes, guns and complicated personalities converge anything can happen. When two artists pursue their dreams, fighting deceptive managers and belligerent hoodlums becomes a lifestyle.

Brent Lord lost the heavyweight title in the South West Bodybuilding Contest. Melinda McKay was fired from the LA Ballet Company. After a Las Vegas dance extravaganza they are embroiled in attempted murder that begins where money and revenge collide.

He was stabbed during competition and came within an inch of dying. She was accosted by madmen killers. In the heat of trouble they blindly undressed each other and gave in to their desires. That is when the real trouble begins.

Trilogy iRobot

An Alexander Crown novel, book 1

Hot men, spicy women and a family feud in war town Croatia. Love can make you crazy, family can make you delirious, and revenge can destroy everything you cherish.

Loyalty, duty, honor and love are the passions and poisons in this erotic pursuit for freedom and love, in a country culturally and politically repressed for decades.

Hot men, spicy women and a family feud changes everything in this war-torn Croatia.

Alexander Crown is the disruptive force inside of this thrilling environment, where soulful passion drives this dangerous triangle of love, despicable murder and search for peace in one country seeking democratic freedom.

“Vitruvian Man” description:

An Alexander Crown novel, book 2

Lusty women, passionate men, Alexander Crown’s instincts were his lifeline. Sexy, powerful, and far too attractive hotshot women tempt his heart. Passionate about those he loves, relentless when fighting for a cause, there is no case too difficult and no danger too brutal to accomplish his goals.

Crazy love for the children in his orphanage, crazy love for beautiful women, wealth and adventure, Alexander Crown thief, mercenary and philanthropist didn’t expect to be corralled by any one of his passions, until stunning Isabella Borghini braved his hunger and Afra Wodehouse endured his hotness.

Thievery is his arsenal, jewelry his targets. His heist at the Cannes Film Festival exposed a Renaissance discovery so profound the French Secret Service wants Alexander Crown dead. Iktar Stanktar intends to kill him. Isabella Berghini seeks redemption. Afra Wodehouse craves his love. The philanthropist only cares about the children in his orphanage.

Regeneration description:

An Alexander Crown novel, book 3

Ensnared with protecting his life-altering medical discovery, Alexander Crown finds himself colliding with forces of power and history, and unfortunately there is only one way out.

This unusual medical discovery inspires conspiracy and murder. Intelligent and talented women, tainted and devious men, this is the new life of Alexander Crown, mercenary turned philanthropist.
A brilliant thriller of deception, greed and murder, Regeneration is the new urban masterpiece of suspense and the new voice in the world of medical discovery and intellectual thrillers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Positano iRobot

Alexander Crown

As much as I wanted to kill her my heart was not in to it. She held me captive by knifepoint near the Positano Restaurant in Positano, Italy at dusk.

Backed against a stone building, we looked like lovers ready to share a passionate kiss. Her succulent lips were near my ear, whispering that she would jam the sharp three-inch stainless steel blade into my jugular vein, and hold me against the wall until I'd bleed out. "Either that," she said, "or I can cut off your balls if I want to."

Tiny drops of blood rolled down my neck where she had pierced it. The wet was good against my shirt collar. "If you cut off my balls," I said, "then we can't fuck one another."

"Don't be stupid, my handsome Alexander Crown. I don't want to fuck you. I want the diamond and emerald necklace you frivolously flaunt for sale for ten thousand American dollars. If I were not Italian, I would ask you to sell me the necklace. But since I am Italian and proudly from Rome, I steal the necklace from you like you stole it from that actress at the Cannes Film Festival."

"Put the knife away," I said, "and I will give you the necklace."

She stuck me two more times and the trickles of blood started dripping down my neck. The area was absent of tourists and locals. A few walked past us but didn't take notice.

"Are you fucking kidding me," she said. "If I drop the knife you will kill me."

As her words drifted away into the light warm breeze I snatched the pocketknife from her hand. She struggled and whimpered as I forced both her arms behind her, pulling her closer to me, making our groins touch. My hard erection  nudged her. This type of situation with a good smelling, beautiful  woman threatening me with violence actually turned me on.

She spat in my face. I grabbed her jaw and squeezed, turning her lips into a fish mouth. She tried to wrestle free of my strong grip to no avail. I turned her around, held her against the stone wall and put the knifepoint to her neck. She turned her face away and I drew blood underneath the hairline on her neck behind her ear.

I wanted to kill her at dusk in Positano. Stab her in the jugular vein until she bleed out, but my heart was not in to it. I now held her captive by knifepoint near the Positano Restaurant in Positano.

I wiped her spit off my face and  whispered in her ear. "I'm going to give you the priceless necklace. Do not scream or run away. I'm going to reach into my jacket pocket and pull out a black felt bag with the necklace inside it. Take the necklace as my gift and shove it up your ass."

She stepped away from me when I let her go. After pulling the bag from my pocket I threw it overhead. As she fumbled catching it and trying to spy into, I turned and ran up the street. Ducking into an alley, I stalled and listened for excited footfalls. There were none. She wouldn't have a clue that the necklace is fake until she has it appraised.

In the twilight I looked at the stainless steel blade of the pocketknife. Drops of blood started to dry on the sharp edge. I licked the blood off the edge. It tasted like a copper, tartly acidic. After slowly closing the knife and dumping it in my pocket, I shuffled up the street to my hotel. The knife will come in handy in a future encounter.

Alexander Crown

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dubrovnik iRobot

Dubrovnik, Croatia - a medieval walled-in-city where I once lived, is the foundation of my exciting novel titled Dubrovnik.

Read this adventurous story. Inside the eBook novel are many photos of Dubrovnik and surrounding areas. The paperback and hardcover editions have the same photos but in black and white.

Click on this link for eBook or Paperback:

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