Sunday, March 19, 2017

Good Juju

It's not everyday you get to live the life of the main character in your novel. Fortunately I lived Alexander Crown's life in Dubrovnik.

Crown was a mercenary, a killer. He was also a man for all seasons with women and children, but a killer of men and women who are themselves cold-blooded killers just for money and power.

Alexander Crown embraces living. He loves good-hearted women and men. He owns an orphanage in Cape Town, South Africa, and makes certain that children with needs are taken care of. He owns an estate in Portugal. He also possesses a priceless diamond and emerald necklace crafted by Michelangelo over 500 years ago.

Certain governments consider Crown a menace, a threat to their security. They want him dead, not alive. They will use any means possible to have him killed. They will destroy his orphanage, steal his jewels, even threaten to torture and murder the people he loves most.

Alexander Crown is alive and well in the adventure novel Dubrovnik.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lifestyle Approbation

At eighteen I was pronounced dead after a fatal auto accident. Fifteen minutes later in Sequoia Hospital my eyes popped open and I was alive. The yearlong recovery was worse than dying.

At my current age of 72, still excited about living, I'm a body of actions having traveled the world, and I write novels about fabulous experiences.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Bloodshed and Love

Alexander Crown was a character who came to me while I lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. What I thought was an accident meeting while I stood on the marina docks, had turned out to be a purposeful encounter. He brushed up against me on a warm afternoon while was looking across the sea. The Adriatic was a deep blue pool of liquid. The sun was a blazing inferno. The warm breeze carried the spicy honey scent of baklava.

Crown was my height, and a little more muscular in his loose fitting black suit with a pearl white opened collar shirt. His shoes were plain black Alani loafers. A five-day growth of beard, piercing golden eyes, and hair thick shoulder length like Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. He actually resembled the drawing with large eyes and furious expression.

I want you to write a story about Croatia, how the Croats search for democracy led Serbia to bloodshed and rape and devastation of thousands of innocent people, Croatians and otherwise.

His global accent threw me into a tailspin. The educated, literate man was indeed a master of something. Was he a genius, artist, prodigy or marvel, perhaps a military veteran, a person with special knowledge and skills in the art of living? I hoped so.

How he knew I was a writer was beyond reproach. Over the next two years I followed Alexander Crown around the world, listened to his detailed depiction of events during the war between Croatia and Serbia, and his participation, his vision of democracy for Croatia, and the course his life had taken after Croatian independence.

Crown was and still is a man of conviction, a genius, a marvel with knowledge and skills equally to Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the measure of all things.

The measurements of man is more than just in his natural physical distribution, it's also in his humanitarian ethics, his peaceful morality, his passion and devotion to be the best altruistic human he can be. Alexander Crown is all that.

Dubrovnik, Alexander Crown, book 1 takes you behind-the-scenes of devastating war, undying friendship, and the love for life. Get a copy of my exciting adventure, you'll become a better person for it.

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Global Lifestyle

Ben Campbell

I've seen a lot of crap in the news lately and during my lifetime, and I've experienced a lot of junk during my working life, and while traveling half the world I'd seen the impossible become possible.

Join me on this blog for a new kind of life-ride, bits of eye-openers, strokes of defiance,  and boxes full of values, aspirations and priorities.

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