Friday, July 25, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane


When I was sequestered in an inner-city dwelling where doctors censure mentally challenged individuals who can't squeeze into society's tube of ethics, I screamed uncontrollably. The irrevocable abuses inside the padded walls were endless. Inside the psychotherapists offices, where superlative lies were ethics, where under the influence of pharmaceuticals, the staffs sexual dysfunctions came to life.

Instead of drowning in Sigmund Freud's theories as explained to me by three highly-educated and equally-challenged psychotherapists, I tell this story taking liberties, observing miscreant behaviors, and analyzing deviant educated savages.
The miscreant patients and scoundrel professionals were sausages packed together like sardines in a can, pretending to act urbane and sophisticated, and yet, feeling the power of socialized insanity. I lived in a vacuum full of lust, discovery, and panic.
Life in the psycho ward was terror, like pigs trying to escape decapitation. The professionals illuminated, adding compunction to all the psychological commotion among us patients.
The following quote describes my emotion at that time: I could just kill myself and terminate all future confusion, or better yet, kissing Freud and slapping Jung would satisfy me more.
You are forewarned, sexuality and profanity are explicitly portrayed KISSINg FREUd. Dig in.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


When I began writing my novel DUBROVNIK a simple plot developed off the cuff. I didn’t outline the story or characters when I started writing, but having worked and lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia I understood many of the complications involved. Gathering geographical and cultural information about the area was easy. The difficult part was romancing the locals in detailing historical and present Croatian ethics.
     My story was to be realistic fiction, simple and presentable, a picturesque novel of small proportions that only included petite clips of the topography and personalities where a couple of plot twists would harness the interest of readers. Keeping the dialog concise wasn’t a problem, knowing the fast-paced story would maintain focus. I encouraged myself using Hemingwayesque writing techniques of word economy and understatements, as well as limiting heavy literary techniques. But I became lost in the front lines of the Croatian war against the Serbians; neighbors against neighbors, relatives fighting relatives, and friends undermining friends.
     The result became a novel of enormous emotional complexity where love-hate factors came into play. Croatia is a magnificent country with cultural heritage that spans over two thousand years. How was I going to include such depth and intricate behavior of hundreds of generations of multi-racial ethnic groups? I wasn’t!
     Becoming educated in a few of the Croatian moral principles, urban values and the younger generation ideology, I moved forward with a simple approach to writing DUBROVNIK. The issues of friends, neighbors, hate, love, peace and war were reoccurring subjects among the Croats, as well as foreign interference.
     Two historical families came to mind as the main strength of the story; the feud that tore the families apart, the loves that drove them crazy, the hatred they experienced together and the offering of outside help for resolution. I threw all that potency into a blender with the wrath of civil war, killing the enemy at any cost while protecting Croatian heritage into realistic fiction. What unfolded was an exemplary page-turner titled DUBROVNIK. The novel turned out not to be an off-the-cuff affair as you might imagine. It turned out to be my bestselling novel with over three thousand copies sold in Europe as well as thirty-five hundred copies sold in the United States.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Man With a Handgun

On my morning walk down Mulholland Drive as I had walked one hundred times over the past year, I stopped and watched a Great Dane take a dump on a well-manicured lawn in front of a large Mediterranean house. A fat man ran from the house and yelled at me.

“Don’t let your dog shit on my lawn.”

“He’s not my dog,” I yelled back, and started walking again.

I looked back and the man rose up a handgun and shot at me. The bullet hit a Mercedes parked curbside behind me. I ran like a crazed idiot not looking back and I heard the man’s footsteps far behind me. Two more shots were fired, the bullets whizzed by my head. Stepping up my running pace, his footsteps stopped. I ran around the corner, up two blocks and dashed back to my house. What a creep. The man tried to kill me.

The next morning before sunrise I got up, made a cup of coffee and toast and made a decision. After putting on my shorts, Nike’s and a tank top, I grabbed a handful of toilet paper. The man’s house was two blocks down the hill from mine and I made it there within three minutes. I snuck up to his porch, pulled down my shorts and took a long shit on his doormat. I wiped my ass, folded the toilet paper and stuffed it in my shorts.

Hey, if the man was going to kill me over a strange dog taking a crap on his lawn, I sure as hell didn’t feel guilty for taking a shit on his front porch. Lesson given, lesson learned.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lana Del Rey - Prettyboy

She's hot, she's beautiful, she's talented, she's used. Would love to have Lana Del Rey onboard to play Natalie in my new novel PRETTYBOY: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood; Prettyboy's girlfriend. But you know, Hollywood is a funky place, and only absolutely filthy rich producers and directors move the movie industry. But you know again, I can use Lana Del Rey in my novel as Prettyboy's girlfriend because she's a fictional character in my novel, and fictional characters are allusive. Love Lana Del Rey, and I love Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood more.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mystery Author Ben Campbell

About Ben Campbell:

Ben Campbell's upcoming publication, © Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood, is freaking amazing; loveable characters carving fate and playing zigzagging eccentric games. Living is at its best. At most, Prettyboy is a cinematic exposé of vitality, parody, spin, satire and twists. Life is great in Hollywood 1954, like crazy like wow.

Actors, money, sex, seduction and illusions; women copied Marilyn Monroe, men copied Marlon Brando and James Dean. The actors were drop dead gorgeous and vulnerable, and they were praised as well as jaded by the media. Older generations misunderstood them. P R E T T Y B O Y: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood, breathes freshness into the timeless era of celebrity beauty, sex and rebellion.

Fat City

Earth...Sky...Crazy Wild, in this topspin global environment anything goes and everything happens. Back in the day when simplicity ruled, when just the thought of loving somebody or for the love of family, neighbors and hobbies, living a life of happiness was boss,. I mean, nothing bugged anybody. We cruised the boulevards in our cherry cars, we burned rubber, we played back-seat binge and  dragged down the short streets. Life was a bowl of cherries back then. None of us were frosted, and yet we'd go ape over easy things like an ice cream cone, riding the roller-coaster and sneaking a kiss on a doorstep.

Yeah, we'd hang and cut-up. The hip-generation was a kick. Not that anybody had it made in the shade, I mean, there were nerds and oddballs and nowheresville and wet-rags, but nobody got shot down.  We were radioactive and sometimes real gone. Life was a bash, a big tickle you know, and we enjoyed everything cool, everything that was far-out. That was our Fat City and I'm still living it.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Horoscope - Bio

From San Francisco, Ben is the author of the upcoming novel, © "Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood." He's also authored "402 Avalon," "Kissing Freud," "Dubrovnik," "Vitruvian Man," "Regeneration," "When Giants Dance," "Reggie Rocketship," "Marilyn: It's All Make Believe, Isn't it?," and wrote the Foreword for "Love in Malawi." As complimentary visuals he includes photos in his novels. Google Ben Campbell Novels, you'll find them via, B&N and Apple as eBooks and paperbacks. As a journalist on a yacht out of Dubrovnik, Croatia, a U.S. Rep to Egypt, Ben incubated the idea of writing a novel about Dubrovnik, Croatia, and that was the beginning of the Alexander Crown trilogy. Ben began his career as a young actor, stand-in, extra and employee in live theater back in the day at Circle Star Theater, San Carlos, California. During that time He'd met and partied with entertainers and actors such as, Tom Jones, Judy Garland, Ann-Margret, Dave Clark Five, Johnny Mathis and Jim Morrison and too many others to list.