Sunday, January 14, 2018

TRAVELS with TOM, part 1

Not sure if I should publish TRAVELS with TOM.

Not having thought about time travel, and yet here I was thinking about it. Time travel is the movement between points in time, movement between points in space, using a device known as a time machine. My time machine was the red Beetle.

Telling my story was enjoyable. Regrets are one, aside from Tom during our traveling during 1976, there were silent moments of clarity, knowledge, fulfilment, yet my one regret was that I had no one special to share my silent moments with. Then again, with hundreds of special extraordinary events, I felt accomplished and satisfied. I’m authentic to my story and I tell it uncompromisingly without exaggeration.

Look for TRAVELS with TOM, part 1 on the link below this summer 2018.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Beetle + TRAVELS with TOM 4

Would we drive around Russia? Could we sneak into China? Was North Korea off limits? The opportunities were endless. If there was a land pathway to Asia we would drive it. But no, there wasn't a land pathway, so we had to settle driving around Europe. The year was 1976. We were in Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito was in power.

Would we get shot at if we tried to enter Albania? Would we pursue women, drink ouzo, smoke marijuana, pop in to an opium den? Fight Turks and Greeks in their homeland? You bet we did and much more.

Join Tom and me on our lifetime journey working in Croatia, touring Europe and tearing up the pavement in a red Volkswagen Beetle.

Publishing this summer 2018. Look for it on the link below.

Beetle + TRAVELS with TOM 3

Some food things you can't get enough of such as chocolate ice cream and hamburgers, as well as essential things such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, well, TRAVELS with TOM is another thing that you won't get enough of. The first of three parts will take you to exciting places. You'll fall into the pages and experience unusual situations that you never thought possible.
Publication of TRAVELS with TOM is set for this coming summer of 2017 for the first of three parts in eBook and Paperback editions at amazon. Don't miss it. Copies will be limited to the first 1000 buyers.
We're experimenting with covers for separate publications of all three parts. Haha, this one is not under consideration, however, it should be, and probably will be.
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Beetles + TRAVELS with TOM 2

Publishing soon, part 1 of TRAVELS with TOM. Check on my web page to find TRAVELS with TOM in eBook and Paperback editions. It's not there yet, however, check out my other nine novels.

Beetle + TRAVELS with TOM 1

Publishing soon, part 1 of TRAVELS with TOM. Check on my web page to find TRAVELS with TOM in eBook and Paperback editions. It's not there yet, however, check out my other nine novels.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Alexander Crown

Spoken only in whispers, Alexander Crown aka the "Vitruvian Man," can be reached by the desperate.

Once a mercenary, now a philanthropist, Crown was trained with an off-the-books operation designed to create intelligence assets. In other words, an assassin. He broke away from the program after five years when his partner was murdered in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

His new life supporting his children's orphanage in Cape Town, Africa gave him a refreshing new beginning. He now borrows from the wealthy and gives to the poor. Alexander Crown is the "Vitruvian Man" - the measure of all things.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

402 Avalon

402 Avalon link.

You can purchase 402 Avalon by clicking on the amazon link below.

Available now at Amazon and Apple Store.

A haunted house.
Family arguments.
Ghost voices.
American culture.

Ten year old Benny Campbell's memoir during the 1950s, reveals why social and cultural changes were imminent in the giant farmhouse built in1880, haunted with prostitutes and murderers.

Read on any device.