Friday, February 24, 2017

Playboy Magazine Model

Ben Campbell

Twenty-four years young, a college graduate, I was suddenly unemployed. Business was slow and management had to layoff a few good workers. Using my new unemployment status, an agent for the unemployment agency said that I'd make a good clothing model. She had a connection with Playboy Magazine in San Francisco. She said if I were six feet tall which I was only five foot eleven and a half, if I weighted no more than 170 pounds which I weighted 168 pounds, and if I wore size 11 shoes which I wore size 10, that I would qualify for a runway audition for Playboy Magazine.

Did I quality? Hell yes I qualified. I lied about everything; my height, weight and shoe size. The unemployment agent sent a photo of me with my qualification to Playboy's SF office, and a week later the runway audition with 25 other contestants was on.

Neither a model nor actor, I was serious and less playful during the audition, but OMG, the other men were so handsome, lithe and graceful, how could I win one spot of two to be choses, out of twenty-five elegant competitors?

I hurriedly put on the clothes they gave me to wear. When I walked down and back on the runway, the big shoes clipped-clopped, a noise I still hear to this day. The suit shoulders hung off my shoulders, the pants were bagging around my butt with the cuffs dragging underneath my heels.

After the six judges told me in front of the other twenty-five handsome men that I had failed the audition, I couldn't wait to get into my Porsche, floor the gas, red-line each gear, and speed into my future, exactly like James Dean did...but I didn't get into accident and die. I found a new job, wore clothes that fit me and was happy ever after.

Travels with Tom

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We wanted to go to Moscow, we wanted to go to Beijing, but neither communist country would let us in. Instead, we went to Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito let us in.

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Publication Late Summer 2017

Swim naked in the Adriatic, Black and Mediterranean Seas. Pick up gorgeous Dutch girls hitchhiking in Turkey.
Experience an opium den in Istanbul.
Receive an offer to kill in Dubrovnik.
Nursemaid a mugged boy back to health.
Passports confiscated by Serbian military.
Driving a Volkswagen Beetle in hurricane storms.
Fender-bender in Athens.
All that and more happened  during our European tour in 1976 after landing in Luxembourg, after living on a racing yacht in communistic Dubrovnik for six weeks, and before touring Europe in a red Volkswagen Beetle.

Passports confiscated, drunken fights, Dutch girls, offers to kill, even sexual temptations, Travels with Tom has it all.

Coming soon: Travels with Tom publishing summer 2017.

Travels with Tom

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402 Avalon

402 Avalon link.

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A haunted house.
Family arguments.
Ghost voices.
American culture.

Ten year old Benny Campbell's memoir during the 1950s, reveals why social and cultural changes were imminent in the giant farmhouse built in1880, haunted with prostitutes and murderers.

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Prettyboy Fabulous Fifties Hollywood

Prettyboy - link

Marilyn Monroe.
Marlon Brando.
James Dean.
Method Acting.
All four in one place at the same time.

Romantic comedy with spice.

New York City to Hollywood, Prettyboy enables rising celebrities, spinning stories of love and survival.

Vivid historical fiction.

The gates in glitzy Hollywood have opened and Prettyboy is in the middle.

Prettyboy - link



Warning; sexuality and profanity are portrayed in KISSINg FREUd.

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Locked doors.
Scary people.
Haunting, yet hilarious and super-smart.


Reggie Rocketship

Reggie Rocketship

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Reggie finds a handwritten unpublished Dr. Seuss story in the attic.

Thieves hack his laptop, threaten his parents, and kidnap Reggie.

The ten year young boy becomes a Cat in the Hat investigator.

Read on any device.
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Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood

Hardcover 1st Edition.

From New York to Hollywood, from a mundane life during 1954, to the uproar of method actors and perfumed actresses in Hollywood, Prettyboy draws a colorful world of established and rising performers.

He unwraps a fairytale of love, and falls into a buzz of betrayal. He bonds with Marilyn Monroe, builds animosity with Marlon Brando, and thinks he builds companionship with James Dean, and then all hell breaks loose.

Cinematic, with an exposé of vitality, parody, spin, satire and twists, Prettyboy is a sacrificial spin in Hollywood celebrity in 1954, like crazy like wow.

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