Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Minute to Earth

One Minute to Earth. Drops of Mars. This will change everything. Our Milky Way is perfect. Prettyboy isn't.
Clever, alluring, and wildly addictive.
Layers of guilt and lies and make-believe are peeled away and Prettyboy brilliantly turns the tables on his new Hollywood friends and contacts. Prettyboy is full historical experience. The language of the cool generation, its insights, and the culture of the 1950s return when Marilyn Monroe declares she’s getting a divorce from Joe DiMaggio, when James Dean offers a leading part to Prettyboy in Rebel Without a Cause and when Marlon Brando is about to rip out Prettyboy’s heart because he won’t give the shades back

Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando were sock puppets with plastic voices. They were insecure drifters from the unknown. They wanted to destroy the movie industry. They wanted to be idolized as Gods. They wanted admirers to kiss their feet, wipe their butts, feed them lies, clip their toenails, and stuff dreams down their throats.

Their personalities drift with fear. Their tongues slick with anger. Their bodies full of disrespect. Their eyes bloat with cunning in the new novel Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood.

Pre-order Prettyboy for your Kindle, iPad or Nook on amazon, and have it delivered to you automatically on December 1, 2014. This will be your best Christmas present to yourself.

Do yourself a favor, read Prettyboy and discover the real personalities of Monroe, Dean and Brando, which the media didn't have the insight to show or give you.


Up-town funk me up, Lady luck was with me. I didn't kill anybody yesterday, much less have consensual sex or kiss-ass a Gothic woman, however much I would have liked that.

Today is different. Not that I'm going to kill a man or woman, a spy or street-fighter, or even poke the eyes out of a lowlife or a counterinsurgent, but perhaps a special, magical woman will enlightening my sexuality and make me have sex with her. Make me have sex with her, can you imagine that?

That's not my point today. My point is that I'm meeting with two women who Tweeted me about purchasing the priceless necklace that Michelangelo designed and crafted in his workshop over five hundred years ago. The women are supposedly from Ljubljana, the largest city of Slovenia, and that's where I am today, about to sit down at a sidewalk cafĂ© in Ljubljana. At the table are the two ugliest women I've ever laid eyes upon.

Picture the sixty year old actor John Malkovich wearing a black wig and the fifty-eight year old actor Tom Hanks adorned with a long blonde wig. These are two women want to purchase the necklace? I'm in trouble but don't blame it on me.

I sit down, my eyes focusing on the unpleasant features of the two women; creepy shadowed bloodshot eyes, narrow glossy lips, Instagram noses, big ears protruding from their swirling wigs, man hands, which my personal best guess is that they are either transgenders, transvestites or bogus plants, thinking that I'm some nut to believe they are gorgeous women with money, and prestige connections who want to wear the priceless necklace to the opera, the Louvre or the ballet. This is really a You Tube moment where me, mercenary turned philanthropist meets Godzilla and mate.

With our hands placed on the table underneath an overcast sky, where rain threatened and the chill cut into my bones like a hacksaw, I just wanted to get this transaction over with. As I stared them down they nodded to each other. The brunette pulled a wad of cash from her big black  purse that sat next to her hands. She pushed it across the small table at me. I eyed the wad of bills; U.S. currency in one hundred denominations, at least ten thousand dollars two inches thick. That was perfect, after all, the necklace was a duplicate but worth at least one hundred dollars.

I pulled the black felt bag from my leather jacket pocket and pushed it across the table at the brunette. The blonde grabbed the bag, pulled the strings to open it and almost stuffed her nose inside it, examining the contents. The necklace in all if fake diamond and emerald glory sat gloriously inside. She nodded at her partner, stuffed the bag in her large purple purse. They stood, turned and headed down the street.

If that was the easiest transaction I'd ever made then sunshine was heating up my body on this cold day, but the sun wasn't shining. The brunette suddenly stopped thirty feet form my table, turned around, aimed a pistol at me and pulled the trigger. Several pops were louder than firecrackers. Luckily I had stashed the stack of bills inside my jacket, deserted the table, and was now inside the restaurant watching the two ugly woman flounder in the footsteps, realizing I was gone.

I stood in the doorway counting the money while the two women ran down the street. Several citizens were on their heels chasing them. Sirens blared in the background. It seemed I was invisible to the remaining half-dozen restaurant patrons, while a couple of employees pushed past me and stood outside watching the action.

My iPhone rang and I pulled it from my pants pocket. Shit, not her again. She'd tried to kill me three times in past encounters; Isabella Borghini. Her text read: I'm going to kill you today, Alexander Crown, because I can't stand living without you.

I looked up and Isabella Borghini was standing across the street staring at me, pointing at me with something metal in hand.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prettyboy is You

Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood is you; why Marilyn Monroe kisses you, why James Dean befriends you, and why Marlon Brando wants to shove his shades up your ass. Prettyboy is you, his life is yours. Everything you want to accomplish in your profession ,Prettyboy gives you.

Take Prettyboy it to the streets, take it to work, take it to the bathroom, take it to bed. Prettyboy is yours to keep and read many times. Savor the flavor and kiss Marilyn Monroe, wrestle with James Dean and confront Marlon Brando, you'll be a better person because of Prettyboy, and he is you whether you're a boy or girl, man or woman, Prettyboy is you.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Marilyn Monroe - James Dean - Marlon Brando - Prettyboy

Marilyn Monroe's red lips kissed me. James Dean's lips missed me. Marlon Brando's fists wanted revenge. Prettyboy.

Are you living like tomorrow doesn't exit? Are you living as if you'll live forever? James Dean did, as did Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando just because they lived like tomorrow didn't exist.

Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood

If you met Marilyn Monroe what would you say to her? What if James Dean put his arm around your shoulders and called you friend, how would you feel about that? If Marlon Brando told you he would rip out your heart, would you feel offended? ...Prettyboy captures more of their personalities than the media ever did. Your Pre-Order eBook is waiting for you. Order now and have it delivered to your iPad, Nook or Kindle on December 1, 2014.

Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood is 450 pages of non-stop Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Marlon Brando action. You can't miss this gorgeous romp through time.

Prettyboy - Hollywood

I will tell you how fantastic this reality/fiction is.

Eating pizza and drinking beer has never tasted better while reading Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood.

Rocketing to Mars and discovering a new world are the ecstatic emotions I'd experienced while reading Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood.

Showering with my mate, engaging in sex, eating a blueberry scone and savoring a bitter-sweet, complex Arabian mocha coffee didn't quite equal reading Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood.

But you know what? Completely immersed with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando and other fabulous actors while reading Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood, had me laughing and crying, and made me crave more, as I soaked up their personalities, touched their spirits and even conversed with them, in a time gone by, during a time so delicious I wanted to group hug it, kiss and savor it...and now I can because Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood is me, my life revealed.

Pre-order Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood now for your iPad or Nook or Kindle, and have it delivered automatically on December 1, 2014.

Order the Paperback, smell the pages and read it several times.

Tell your friends and families and co-workers and network Prettyboy. It will change your life for the better. Prettyboy will make you laugh and cry and crave, but you know what? You'll have Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Marlon Brando in your heart forever like I have.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Prettyboy - Marilyn Monroe - James Dean - Marlon Brando

Are you living like tomorrow doesn't exit? Are you living as if you'll live forever? James Dean did, as did Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando. Three famous icons that will live forever, just because they lived like tomorrow didn't exist.

Prettyboy, my new super novel reveals how and why they lived, beyond what the media could show you because they weren't there for personal intimacies. I give you the personal, intimate emotions of Monroe, Dean and Brando.

If I had not met Marilyn Monroe on the steps of San Francisco City Hall the day she married Joe DiMaggio, or if my older brother while hitchhiking was not picked up by James Dean, or my middle brother didn't act on live stage like Marlon Brando, I would not have written Prettyboy: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood.

Prettyboy is now up for Pre-order with as an eBook. Fell free to read the book's description and pre-order it. After you pre-order Prettyboy, amazon will automatically upload it into your iPad or Kindle or Nook. It's all in how you live your life that makes you hungry to experience everything that interests you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Next Level - Alexander Crown

Taking Alexander Crown to the next level of love, theft and murder. This is where it all began for the mercenary turned philanthropist. He keeps on stealing, he keeps on killing, all for the benefit of humanity. If you don't take care of your children now the future of the world will be a void of chaos, filled with death and destruction all for the greed of power and money.

Alexander Crown isn't against of any of that, but societal order is mandatory to preserve peace and love. The problem is that destruction and killing follows societal order. The "Vitruvian Man" Alexander Crown protects the children in his orphanage by stealing from the man to help finance his endeavor.

Available on amazon: