Sunday, April 17, 2016

Regeneration Cache

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DNA discovery, covert conspiracy, murder, Regeneration is Alexander Crown, humanity's most deadly asset. Once a mercenary, now hunted.

A tour de force of real storytelling. Regeneration rivets you to pages as minutes tick toward a deadly, yet brilliant ultimatum.

Regeneration plummets you inside this exciting adventure all the way to the intriguing end, and a new beginning.

The new bestselling eBook around the world, Regeneration kills any novel trailing its intrigue.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

"Vitruvian Man" Cache

"Vitruvian Man" link

Car chases and shootouts, snipers and moles, safe houses and bio-transmitters. The story starts at a blistering rate and accelerates.

Riveting events, minutes tick toward its deadly ultimatum yet evolutionary end. "Vitruvian Man" weaves many disparate and delicate strands into perilous webs of deception. Masterful, resulting in a remarkable, satiating experiences.

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Dubrovnik Cache

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Dubrovnik, adventure beyond imagination.

Love taunting bad people? Alexander Crown and Ivan Andric confront them!

Bestseller Ben Campbell, unveils an offbeat, skilled hero harboring a mysterious past.

Crown wrestles with evil masterminds during a devastating times. Dubrovnik's original antihero's definitive method to his madness, enlightens  reasons for taking out horrible bad guys.

Dubrovnik, don't take it for granted. Take it for entertainment.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Regeneration iCloud

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Exclusive; Regeneration is now in hardcover, fully illustrated with photographs with a climax you won't believe. But believe me, it's as real as reality gets.

The third novel in the Alexander Crown Trilogy. An international bestseller in 15 countries.

On sale now. Save $17.19.

Protecting his life-altering medical discovery, Crown collides with forces of power and history. Unfortunately with just one way out.

This medical discovery catapults conspiracy and murder. Intelligent women and devious men, this is the new life of Alexander Crown, mercenary turned philanthropist.

A brilliant thriller. Regeneration is an urban masterpiece and the new voice in the world of intellectual thrillers.

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