Sunday, May 22, 2016

When Giants Dance

Money, drugs, greed, athletes, guns, personalities, anything can happen.

Pursuing dreams, fighting managers, belligerent hoodlums, its all lifestyles.

Brent Lord lost the heavyweight title in the South West Bodybuilding Contest.

Melinda McKay was fired from the LA Ballet Company.

After a Las Vegas dance extravaganza McKay and Lord get involved in murder. That is wehn money and revenge collide.

He was stabbed during competition and came within an inch of dying. She was accosted by madmen killers. In the heat of trouble they blindly undressed each other and gave in to their desires. That is when the real trouble begins.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marilyn Monroe

She tragically died.
She returns.
Martin Montage jolts into Marilyn Monroe.

This time the bombshell is in control.

Romantic comedy snaps in this hip, urban level.

Exotic, poignant, ingenious, Marilyn is a delicious romantic comedy.

EBook and paperback.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Regeneration Origin

Regeneration - link

Alexander Crown Trilogy, book 3

Available now from Amazon and Apple Store.

Mass Destruction
Regeneration is humanity's most deadly asset.

Regeneration has an ultimatum.

Regeneration - link

Friday, April 15, 2016

"Vitruvina Man" Prophacy

"Vitruvian Man" link

Alexander Crown Trilogy, book 2

Available now from Amazon and Apple Store.

Masterful results.

"Vitruvian Man" link

Dubrovnik Sacrifice

Dubrovnik link

Alexander Crown Trilogy, book 1

Available from Amazon and Apple stores.

Dubrovnik is riveting. A richly-woven story probing the limits of heroism, sacrifice and submission.

Two outsiders weigh duty against hearts in order to single-handedly end the one threat that is tearing Croatia apart.

Dubrovnik's enlightening  reasons for eliminating horrible bad guys.

Dubrovnik, don't take it for granted. Take it for a thrilling enterprise.